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  1. The procedure for sending articles for publication

The Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board of the ‘Collection of Scientific Papers of the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute’ is presented (personally, by mail or by e-mail):

— the text of the manuscript of a scientific article in electronic form in accordance with the ‘Requirements to figuration of manuscripts’, indicating the UDC of the article;

— a printed copy of the article signed by the authors (with a transcript of the signatures and the date of signing);

— separately, you must specify a contact phone number and an e-mail address for communication, a postal address with an index for sending the edition of the ‘Collection of scientific papers of the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute’. If there are several authors, you should specify which of them to correspond with;

— an abstract of the article reflecting the main content of the work, revealing the relevance and novelty of the topic under study, as well as keywords;

— the author’s certificate;

— materials in English – information about the author(s), title of the article, abstract of the article, keywords – in printed and electronic form;

— illustrative materials – in electronic form – in separate files. All diagrams and diagrams included in the text of the article in the electronic version should also be presented as separate files in jpg, tif formats. It is not allowed to provide illustrations drawn using Microsoft Word, as well as photocopies of them. The materials may contain tables and black-and-white diagrams made in the Word editor (for Windows). The author provides signatures to all illustrative and tabular materials, which are included in the file with the author’s text;

— a letter of recommendation, requesting the publication of an article in the next issue of the ‘Collection of Scientific Papers of the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute’, signed by the head of the institution — authors’ place of work. If the author of the article is a post-graduate student (there are no coauthors), it is mandatory to enclose a recommendation letter from the scientific supervisor;

— a guarantee letter of copyright transfer.

The author’s certificate must contain the following information in Russian and English:

— last name, first name, patronymic (in full);

— place of work (full name, abbreviated name, city);

— academic degree and academic title;

— position;

— phone number (mobile and office), (contact phone number is NOT published in the output data);

— email address.

The authors provide articles and all accompanying documents in electronic form and/or in person, or by registered mail to the address:

6, Gornaya St., Donetsk, DNR, 283018

Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education ‘Donetsk Railway Transport Institute’

To the Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board of the ‘Collection of Scientific Papers of the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute’.

The original article should contain information about the research objectives, scientific methods and discussion of the research topic, as well as conclusions.

  1. Review Rules

Materials for publication, drawn up in accordance with the defined requirements, as well as accompanying documents, are delivered to the editorial office to the executive secretary of the editorial board either personally or by mail/e-mail. Upon receipt of an article to the editorial office of the ‘Collection of scientific papers of the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute’, a preliminary examination of the materials for compliance with the publishing area, as well as for compliance with the figuration requirements, is carried out by the executive secretary of the editorial board.

The executive Secretary maintains correspondence with the authors of the articles by e-mail, informing them about the results of the preliminary examination. If there are comments on the theme of materials or on compliance to the requirements for publication the secretary notifies authors.

For all articles submitted for review, the degree of uniqueness of the author’s text in the Anti-Plagiarism system is determined. Manuscripts that do not correspond to the subject of the publication and have a percentage of originality below 80% (taking into account the specifics of the material) are not accepted for further consideration.

If there are comments on the figuration of the materials, the executive secretary recommends making appropriate edits.

If the manuscript corresponds all figuration requirements and publishing area of the ‘Collection of Scientific Papers of the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute’, it is accepted and subject to peer review for the purpose of expert evaluation, in case of inconsistency, the article is rejected without further review.

The executive Secretary hands on the articles to the section chairman for reviewing. After making a decision on the possibility of publishing an article in the ‘Collection of scientific papers of the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute’, a reviewer is appointed.

The reviewer is selected from among recognized experts on the subject of reviewed materials and must have publications on the subject of reviewed materials within the last 3 years.

The reviewer draws the substantiated conclusion (review) about the appropriateness of the article publishing.

The review should reflect:

— the correspondence of the article title to its content;

— the formulation of the problem or task to be solved;

— substantiation of the submitted materials relevance;

— the research nature of the article;

— reasonableness of the presentation and conclusions, in particular, the availability of references to the literature used and other information sources;

— scientific novelty and practical significance of the results obtained;

— availability of conclusions based on the results of the article;

— availability of a list of references with links to cited sources;

— determining whether the content of the article corresponds to the theme of the ‘Collection of scientific papers of the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute’.

The comments are presented concretely and reasonably.

The deadline for writing a review is set in agreement with the reviewer, but should not exceed two weeks.

Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts of the articles are the private property of the authors and relate to information that is not subject to disclosure. The review is conducted confidentially.

The reviewer makes a conclusion about the possibility of publishing the article: «recommended», «recommended taking into account the correction of comments noted by the reviewer» or «not recommended».

The secretary of the editorial board sends to the authors of presented materials copies of reviews or substantiated refusal (to nonresident authors reviews are emailed).

In case of reviewer’s comments the author rewrites the article (additionally attaches the answer to all comments of the reviewer), and within 10-15 days after the review receipt submits to the editorial board the corrected version of the article for re-reviewing.

In the final review the reviewer concludes the practicability of publishing the corrected version of the article.

If the article does not meet the requirements of the research novelty, has a publicistic, production or synoptical  character contradictory to the concept of scientific and technical publications, the reviewer gives a negative review (substantiated refusal). The article is rejected and cannot be reexamined.

In case of the positive review and the editorial board’s final decision-making to include the article in the next issue, the executive secretary informs the author on the terms of the publication of the article.

Reviews are stored in the archives of the publishing house and the editorial board and not liable to destruction within 5 years.

The editorial board sends copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at receipt of the corresponding inquiry.

  1. Rules of scientific articles publication

The ‘Collection of Scientific Papers of the Donetsk Institute of Railway Transport’ publishes materials that have not been previously published and are not intended for simultaneous publication in other publications.

The authors of the articles are responsible for the content of the articles and for the fact of their publication.

No fee is paid to the authors and no fee is charged for the articles publication.

Electronic media and manuscripts are not returned to the authors.

The Editorial Board of the ‘Collection of Scientific Papers of the Donetsk Railway Transport Institute’ is guided in its work by international ethical rules of scientific publications, including decency, confidentiality, supervision of publications, consideration of possible conflicts of interest, etc.